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You have arrived at THE BEST OF WORLD CULTURE (, companion site to OUR BETTER SELVES (link below).

I am Vincent Frank De Benedetto, writer and philosopher, and these Internet resources, and many others (links below), are my creation. All my work is underpinned by, and speaks implicitly or explicitly to, the power and necessity of Agape (uh gop' aye), Brotherly Love in the language of Greek philosophy.

Exponents and exemplars of what is often an ersatz or superficial progress, modernism for its own sake, or otherwise premature embrace of new or novel technological or social elements, refrain "Out with the old, and in with the new."

At this site, The Best of World Culture, however, trajecting from a largely, though not exclusively, conservative vision of America and the world, I advocate for appreciation and indeed continuation of so much of what has made America, Europe, and in some measure other cultures unique and laudatory. This, against the backdrop, in the United States, of what is projected as a monumental demographic shift such that by the year 2050 persons of European lineage will become the minority population, and persons whose ancestors rooted in Africa, and Central and South America and other non-European regions will collectively become the majority population.

Persons from these regions are Brothers and Sisters in our one human family, bringing their own respective cultural remnants with them to their new worlds, yet neither European-Americans nor anyone else wishes to see their own culture swept away. And importantly, so many young persons are simply unacquainted with the dimensia (i.e. dimensions) of European-American culture that little do they even realize that any "sweeping" is going on.

This phenomenon is made worse by the apparent vitriol, sometimes fevered, of certain activists against the very existence of Caucasians, especially Caucasian males.

A variant of the above expression, this variant being "In with the old, and out with the new" then, is just as apt a rallying cry as any other for this site and its author.

The multispectral perspective of this site is no accident, as this writer intends to use the continuing development of this resource as a platform to learn about every culture, while recalling that, though important, culture must always defer to unity, for, again:  We are All Brothers and Sisters in One Human Family.

Come. Together, let us take both important journeys.

Warm Regards,

Vincent Frank De Benedetto

writer, philosopher


Vincent Frank De Benedetto

Brotherhood of Man

Our Better Selves

bhutan tiger nest monastery butan bhutan gross domestic happiness

The Tiger Nest monastery, high in the Himalayan Mountains, the bejeweled crown of the tiny Buddhist nation of Bhutan.

Before extolling any cultural element or virtue of the United States or any other nation, Bhutan must be cited and lauded. As of November 2017, Bhutan is the only nation on Earth with the wisdom to elevate Happiness to a formal social indicator, and in fact its most important.

As my work in social science argues, economics and politics must explicitly serve human happiness, or they are merely exercises. In fact, to really serve, and indeed build, human happiness, we must actually do away with economics and politics as presently and historically understood. The refocus of emphasis that is the Bhutanese approach is a key step in this direction.

Perhaps unlike the guiding philosophy of Bhutan, as advanced as it is, I argue that we must also eliminate egoism, the notion that my interests are more important than yours. The Love Ethic, properly understood, must predominate if any society, especially global society, is to advance, no less reach its existential zenith.

apollo 11 neil niel armstrong first moon landing man on the apollo 13 sputnik spage program apollo 11 niel neil armstrong

The United States put the first humans on the Moon, a feat of gargantuan technical and social prowess that goes unmatched to this day!

Now, the world needs a feat of equal magnitude in the realm of politics and social science. Might it also be an American who pioneers such an effort?


A socio-linguistic phenomenon has arisen over the last several years whereby persons begin their sentences with the word so. I hear it continually. However, the official and proper function of "so," ordinarily a coordinating conjunction, is not that of a sentence start point, but to express continuity, ala' "We're out of groceries, so I'm going to the supermarket."

In my view, this errant usage is yet another example of the deformation of standard English, which is itself one of the streams of distortion and compromise of American and Western culture and values.

Don't do it.

support your local library science

Did you know that most human knowledge is not available on the Internet?

Accordingly, be sure to support, in time and money, your local and other libraries!

Honeymooners ralph kramden television

The classic cast of the classic American television show The Honeymooners!

Nothing risque, whatsoever, yet one of the most amazing, unique, and guffaw-out-loud funny productions of all time! It can be done!

"To the moon, Alice!"

And now for a word from our sponsors!

Just kidding! This site has no sponsors!

One of Tony Iommi's incarnations of Black Sabbath!


Black Sabbath

The band that literally invented heavy metal!

HOWEVER--the band, or someone influencing the band, is attempting to erase Bill Ward from Black Sabbath and its history. He's been on none of the recent tours, for example, and at the Sabbath web site they've excised him from all the photos--even the old, historic photos where it's obvious that he would have been, and indeed was, present!

This entire affair is categorically reprehensible and I'm sorry but as much as I love Sabbath--and I do love Sabbath, my favorite band for about 40 years now--I cannot, do not, and will never accept this. I'm something of an expert in Brotherly Love, so I have faith that if genuine LOVE were employed in whatever the nature of this conflict or misunderstanding is, it could be resolved. But to handle it this way--disgusting.

This is nothing less than a huge moral blot on the socio-musical phenomenon that was, and shall always remain, Black Sabbath.

Tony Iommi

The guitarist who literally invented the heavy metal sound and its foundational and earliest style!

Ozzy Osbourne

Iconic former frontman and vocalist for Black Sabbath, who went on to great longevity and continuing
career success as a metal singer.

Geezer Butler

The classic, legendary metal bassist from the classic, legendary metal band Black Sabbath!

And Terry "Geezer" Butler actually is a superb and innovative bassist!

Bill Ward

The legendary drummer for the legendary founding and foundational metal band Black Sabbath! Seems like a nice, and smart, person, too! I don't know why Bill is not presently included in Sabbath. All I can say for now is: Ozzy, Tony, Geezer, Sharon...GET HIM BACK! IT'S NOT SABBATH WITHOUT BILL WARD! Less influence of ego, and concern about money, and more concern with music, love, friendship, history, and fans!

Daily Metal News, Reviews, & Opinions

Classic Hard Rock

The place to be for hard rock and heavy metal radio from Led Zeppelin, to the Scorpions, to Metallica!

"Rock CAN Roll collaborates with rock concerts, schools, corporations, and private individuals to collect cans and non-perishable food (and basic provisions) for distribution to local agencies and into the hands of children, seniors and families who live with hunger and poverty. ... Rock CAN Roll grew out of a love of rock ‘n roll music and a concern for people who live with hunger and in poverty. Together we CAN ease our neighbour’s hardships."

The Metal With Meaning Project

Musicians creating, and fans supporting, metal that stimulates heart or mind!

world metal congress

Gibson SG 10th Anniversary Edition

~ Gibson SG 10th Anniversary Edition in Cream ~

Chevy Monte Carlo Luxury Sport, 1987

~ Chevelle SS 1969 ~

Chevy Monte Carlo Luxury Sport, 1987

~ Chevy Monte Carlo Luxury Sport 1987 ~

Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary Deuce

~ Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary Deuce ~

Please keep it stock, tho, Bro's -- there's just too much noise in this already stressed-out world!

support united states war combat veterans

- Support United States Combat and other Veterans -

paralyzed veterans of america support united states war combat veterans war injury

- Support Paralyzed & other Severely Injured United States Combat Veterans -

national world war II 2 museum


make english official language united states

- Make English the Official Language of the United States -

pat buchanan preserve european culture

~ Preserve European-American Culture ~

This sentiment is not meant to devalue other cultures. See Welcome statement, above.

Click above for the National Congress of American Indians. As we conservatives conserve, let us conserve the heritage of our American Indian brothers and sisters, and fellow citizens, those here long before we were.

The suffering of these peoples is well-known, or should be, perhaps starting with this.

"Of Color"

Copyright (c) 2017 Vincent Frank De Benedetto

I was as enamored as a child of my Crayola crayons as the next kid. Through their use, I learned that there is not one, but in fact several formal shades of tan and beige.

Accordingly, I'd like to officially declare to the world that, though Caucasian, I, too, am "of color"! It isn't just my beautiful brown-skinned Brothers and Sisters, as the present American cultural-linguistic convention implies.

I'm not an Albino! I'm beige!

Let us, then, dispense with this "colorative" or "hue-ristic" inaccuracy, and what strikes me as this ridiculous convention that has arisen in America, referring exclusively to brown-skinned human beings as "of color." This error is related to, though perhaps more serious than, the "SO" gaffe described and decried, above. They both represent fuzzy thinking codified in language.

Accurate use of language by a society is key, for without it, misunderstandings arise and human misunderstanding easily generates antipathy, which itself often leads to conflict, small or large, open or suppressed. Specific language represents specific ideas. If language is inaccurate, it conveys an inaccurate idea or an idea, inaccurately. In the sciences, moreover, physical or social, such mistakes can divert a society for centuries down nonproductive or even explicitly destructive political, economic, scientific, or even cultural paths.

We must break this and all sloppy habits of mind, then, by finding or inventing, and using, alternative phrases. In this case, the descriptive phrase "brown-skin person," for example, is not insulting, and is completely accurate technically and otherwise, leaving no room for misunderstanding or misinterpretation. Or, one might simply refer to region of origin, referring to persons as African, Jamaican, Haitian, or Dominican, for example; auspiciously, this approach usually includes an implicit reference to a particular culture, providing an especially informational dual-meaning without resorting to simplistic, misleading, and counterproductive linguistic convention.

Or--here's a thought--how about leaving what are often extraneous parameters out of the equation completely, and interact with each without reference to melatonine level, and even without reflexive reference to culture. As Americans, we're supposed to be doing this, already. I seem to remember something about a "melting pot."

rat pack ratpack frank sinatra dean dino martin sammy davis jr junior peter lawford joey bishop

The classic, later incarnation of the famous and infamous Rat Pack: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop! Photo taken, I believe, in 1960.

These were, in many respects, the Halcyon Days of America!

Country & Western music is a uniquely American contribution to world culture! Hank Williams is a musical icon and legend in the world of Country music--and beyond! His music, and legend, comprise a vital piece of Americana!

Even the Pulitzer Prize Board recognized the special talent of Hank Williams, on April 12, 2010 awarding him, according to Wikipedia "...a posthumous special citation that paid tribute to his 'craftsmanship as a songwriter who expressed universal feelings with poignant simplicity...' "


BEST OF WORLD CULTURE supports traditional values and principles, such as marriage between a man and a woman, the reality of just two genders (male and female), and opposition to abortion.

BEST OF WORLD CULTURE also supports a military draft for the United States. Three years of military service should be compulsory for every American.

Led Zeppelin in 1977. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, specifically, in this image.

OK, kids, that's enough hip-hop for this week. Did you know that music existed prior to 1990? Learn about Rock music! Download, and listen to, Houses of the Holy by Zeppelin. A hard-rock
classic among classics.

(It's not heavy metal, however. Learn about "metal" by clicking this, this, this, and this.)


The so-called Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio is problematic for enthusiasts of rock music, music history--and the English language. This is because this institution has a philosophy and attendant practice of inducting musicians who simply aren't rock and roll players. Of this pattern, Hip-Hop artist Ice Cube incorrectly states:

"Rock-n-roll is not an instrument; rock-n-roll is not even a style of music." "Rock-n-roll is a spirit..."

I'm afraid that this view is completely counter to the musical reality of the last 70 years. Rock-n-Roll is indeed a style of music--a very distinct, definable, and recognizable style. And of course it does carry with it its own spirit, but that spirit and musical culture is rooted in, and correctly based upon, the specific kind of music that Rock-n-Roll is. The gentleman's logic and argument are simply incorrect.

In contrast, in an interview with, famed KISS bassist and co-founder Gene Simmons correctly states:

"A few people decide what's in and what's not...and the masses just scratch their heads. You've got Grandmaster Flash in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Run-D.M.C. in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? You're killing me. That doesn't mean those aren't good artists. But they don't play guitar. They sample and they talk. Not even sing."

I urge Gene and all interested parties to begin discussion of design, construction, and promotion of a new, sane Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame, to be tentatively called THE REAL ROCK-N-ROLL HALL OF FAME or simply THE ROCK-N-ROLL HALL OF FAME - DETROIT (or the appropriate location).

Hip-Hop artists might place themselves in the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame, and/or we can certainly have a MUSIC Hall of Fame, into which artists of every genre can be inducted. But for everyone's benefit, this flagrant twisting of linguistic logic and musical definition and history must be corrected.

If Gene or others would care for my involvement in the new project I would be pleased to discuss it. At the least, if the new project comes together I'd like to be credited with the idea.



Today in America, and elsewhere, some men, a tiny subset of the male population, wear an earring on each ear, making themselves look like homosexuals, especially to anyone over 40 or 50 years old.

Don't do it, and tactfully discourage other men, as well.

Equally disturbing is the new reality of Disney:  apparently gone is the wholesome, comprehensively and categorically children-and-family-oriented media stalwart. In its place is a weird and unacceptable hybrid entity now in the business of bandwagon-jumping to the dictates of the new world of breezily acceptable homosexuality. Specifically, as widely reported, including by NBC News:

"The highly anticipated live-action remake of "Beauty and the Beast" will feature a gay character for the first time in Disney's history...."


Persons genuinely feeling themselves to be homosexual should undergo extensive therapy to confirm that their self-appraisal is accurate, as well as coax and reinforce their heterosexual impulse. Moreover, media forms that can have a "homosexualizing" effect on otherwise heterosexual men, such as transsexual pornography, should be discouraged or declared illegal.

don rickles death dies comedian hockey puck rat pack

We lost comedian, actor, and cultural icon Don Rickles on April 06, 2017. Here he is, seated left, on his usual late-night perch The Tonight Show, with Johnny Carson and, that night, Frank Sinatra.

Don Rickles was the last survivor of the Rat Pack/Vegas/Late Night Talk Show group. We lost Johnny Carson in January of 2005, and Frank Sinatra in May 1998.

Don Rickles: another large and important slice of European-American culture, gone.

rock for life rock and roll against abortion

This unique organization, Rock for Life, purports to harness the power of Rock-n-Roll to eliminate abortion, so I've included it here at BEST OF WORLD CULTURE.

However, given that I've repeatedly sent Rock for Life my own musical project for inclusion, which they have not done, nor will they answer my email, I'm assuming that this organization is comprised of yet one more bunch of Christian bigots--I've run into such persons before. They are individuals and groups who purport to represent positive values such as Brotherly Love or an anti-abortion sentiment, but when they realize that, though you advocate as they do, you don't do it from a Christian perspective--they promptly and summarily ignore you. Most un-Christian.

So, conduct your intercourse with this organization at your own risk.

"Yo, Barry, you did it my nigga!"

disrespect presidency

President Barack Obama and "comedian" Larry Wilmore in warm, and perverse, embrace.

Such filth as the above remark is the disrespectful and destructive banter that African-American "comedian" Larry Wilmore subjected America to at the conclusion of his 2016 White House Correspondents' Dinner speech. President Obama sat mere feet away at the head table; thus, Wilmore literally made this odious remark to a sitting President of the United States.

Contrast this with James Baldwin's famous statement of pride, rebellion, and independence: "I am not your negro."

If there could be anything worse than Wilmore's slight and slur against the office of President, it could only be the disgraceful reaction of President Obama:  broad-grinned laughter and a warm, brotherly hug. In fact, what the President should have done was had this vulgar and misguided idiot arrested for menacing language directed at the President, or at minimum had him expelled from the event, neither of which President Obama did.

Which leads me to assert that President Obama deserves what he gets. Such political self-immolation corroborates my decision against voting for Barack Obama. I never did.

The newest Black Sabbath album, shamefully featuring only three of four original Sabbath members.

Sorry, lads, just can't really consider this BLACK SABBATH without Bill Ward.

Enjoy and promote the wholesome, all-American sport of baseball!

Without Love, properly understood, this can happen, even this, and everything in between. Like the Columbine, Virginia Tech, Paris nightclub, and Parkland shootings, themselves occurring within the existing reality of an incalculable and interminable number of other instances of humans causing other humans pain.

Enjoy and promote Classical music!

Metalheads, take note:  if you appreciate the talent and musicianship of metal players, classical players are going to drive you into a fretted frenzy!

Some metal players, like Yngwie Malmsteen, are explicitly influenced by classical musicians and are pleased to acknowledge as much.

If you don't know--and even if you think you do--learn all about Rock and Roll music!

Rock is divided into categories like heavy metal (including Christian metal, "hair" metal, thrash, and many other subdivisions); hard rock; punk; glam; progressive (i.e. "progrock"); grunge; folk rock; country rock; and pop.

Of course, rock and roll, and heavy metal, has always been associated with smokin' hot babes!


Please read The United States of Incompetence, by Art Carey, and my essay on same at OUR BETTER SELVES.

* * * * *

Incompetence -- an American, and likely global, epidemic.

Here is one of an interminable supply of examples from my personal experience, that for me has become archetypal:  three years ago I passed through the drive-thru of a Burger King restaurant in the Northeastern United States. At the order board I inquired about the prospect of having double cheese on my Whopper sandwich. I asked several questions: how much extra would the cheese cost? How much extra cheese would there be? Is one slice of cheese simply placed on top of the other slice of cheese, or do they bookend the hamburger patty with the two cheese slices, top and bottom?

My questions were answered and I ordered the Whopper with double cheese.

Upon receiving the product I drove to the nearest parking space in the Burger King lot to eat it, in the car while listening to talk radio, which is my custom. I found an empty space, parked, and extracted a hand cleansing wipe to clean my hands. I then pulled my newly-minted Whopper sandwich from its hiding place deep within the brown catacomb, its bag, to speedily consume it. I was hungry.

It took relatively few bites to realize, then visually confirm, however, that my new Whopper sandwich, far from adornment with two slices of tasty cheese as exactingly ordered, or even its usual single slice--had no cheese on it, whatsoever. This was a Whopper sandwich completely devoid of cheese; a plain or standard Whopper.

Not only did I order the sandwich with two slices of cheese, I actually discussed it with at least two drive-thru window staffers--and they still got my order completely, categorically, and pathetically wrong.

The values and characteristics generating incompetence are those that we must not preserve, for they strike right at the heart of the attempt by Humanity not just to perfect itself, but even to continue on routinely, and survive. In 2017 I located Art Carey and urged him to pen a second volume to his original work, but he declined. Not to worry, however--I'm writing my own. My narrative of manifold incompetence personally experienced over the arc of my adult years is threaded throughout the several books and related projects that I'm creating, my multipart multimedia project.



We should acquaint ourselves with all cultures that are in decline, and act as appropriate.

In this case, please donate if you find resonance in the European-American historical, political, and cultural themes presented and indeed promoted at this website. As our world rapidly changes, it is vital that we preserve this culture, including these values, which this site helps to do. This posture is not intended as a criticism of other cultures, implicitly or otherwise, as the totality of this site makes clear, as we're all brothers and sisters in one human family. This site is simply a necessary endeavor to help retain the culture that Americans, and countless others worldwide, have known and revered, as other cultural influences steadily erode them.

Please donate generously, and right now while you're thinking about it, to help preserve and even extend European-American culture.